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"WikiClaimLeaks may very well be the end of Insurance Bad Faith – Because insurance company employees will no longer tolerate it."

WikiClaimLeaks is a not-for-profit media consortium committed to publicizing unfair claim settlement practices by insurance carriers and their vendors. WikiClaimLeaks provides employees of both insurance companies and their vendors with a secure, safe and anonymous way for them to convey the proof of their employer’s illegitimate practices to our journalists.  Armed with the information that you provide to us, our journalists can assemble a clear presentation of the news story that the public can easily understand and act upon.

WikiClaimLeaks accepts and reports on information about Bad Faith, Deceptive Trade Practices and the abuse of the uneven bargaining power insurers hold over American consumers.  We at WikiClaimLeaks never solicit this information directly, but we will accept it if you send it to us.  “You may leak with confidence”.

WikiClaimLeaks frequently receives actionable information from “True American Heroes” who are unwilling to continue playing the “Corporate Games”.  It is our sincere hope that if you have witnessed harm done to your fellow Americans that you will not sit idly by when you too could be a hero!  If you need to contact WikiClaimLeaks for any reason you can do it here Contact WikiClaimLeaks!

FireGate: 11,1827 Pages Submitted to WikiClaimLeaks


On Monday, October 17th,  2011, WikiClaimLeaks volunteers began sorting through 11,827 leaked documents.  These documents will eventually be used to give American consumers unprecedented insight into the activities of a major U.S. insurers claims handling practices.



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