WikiClaimLeaks1. Types of Materials that we are willing to accept

WikiClaimLeaks welcomes materials that are restricted or censored materials that regard the business of insurance companies. WikiClaimLeaks does not accept matters of personal opinion – we need hard facts!

When sending WikiClaimLeaks information we ask that you attach a short description of why you believe the documents are important.  Please also point out the location of the most significant areas of the documents you are sending.  This will assist us in getting your story out as quickly as possible.

2 Our Proprietary Anonymous Electronic Drop Box (E-Box)

WikiClaimLeaks offers the use of our immensely secure and anonymous electronic document drop box for use in conveying your documents to our journalists. WikiClaimLeaks is willing to accept a range of different types of material, but we choose not to solicit material. If you’re planning to send us material then the transmission of these documents must be secure for a multitude of reasons. That is precisely we installed our proprietary method of document submission based on cutting edge computer technologies designed to give maximum anonymity. We have spent an enormous amount of money designing the perfect document conveyance system into the E-Drop box because we value the service you are providing to your fellow Americans and we honor our journalist-source relationship.

2.1 Submission of Your Documents is Easy!

The WikiClaimLeaks E-drop box is simple to utilize and provides military-grade encryption security.
Conveyance of documents to WikiClaimLeaks journalists is protected by law in better democracies. For countries without such protective laws the electronic drop-box is for the security and privacy of the citizens posting the documents.  Our E-Box system is specifically designed to hide your identity from everyone – this includes the staff at WikiClaimLeaks. We do not maintain logs of the entities who utilize the E-drop box in any capacity.
Although there exist a few ways to convey materials to WikiClaimLeaks, the most secure is by following this link


2.2  Job #1 is Protecting YOU!

WikiClaimLeaks will not record any identifying information from the source of the materials sent to us.  There are a many mechanisms to protect even the most sensitive documents from being traced to their original source. We don’t maintain logs. Simply put, we cannot comply with requests for information on the identity of our sources because we never collected the information.  The only information we have for you as a source of information is if you provide a coded name.  A vast amount of creative thought has gone into the design of the security systems that have been put in place to offer what we consider to be “The Ultimate Protection”.  WikiClaimLeaks has never, ever, ever revealed the identity of a source!  This is not because we are such good people – this is because we do not know who you are!

2.3 How This Process Works

Upon receipt of a document, our journalists survey the submission. If the document meets our criteria then what may be a team of journalists will begin to create a news piece. This procedure will usually include the description of the submitted document, an in depth analysis of why the document you submitted is so important, as well as an explanation of what this document will mean to society as a whole. This news piece may also highlight the different portions of the document that are noted by the journalists as the most newsworthy. Our news is  purposely analytical with regard to the wider significance of the submission. We will then place a hyperlink from our news piece to your original submission.

Internet document submissions are routed via countries which maintain strong shield laws to give our journalists and their sources the additional protection that they deserve.  

Not surprisingly, many documents submitted to WikiClaimLeaks contain very sensitive information. WikiClaimLeaks has recently developed a proprietary harm minimization procedure to clean document submissions which might endanger peoples private information. On other occasions, WikiClaimLeaks may delay the publishing of some of its document submissions and the associated news stories until we are sure that we are not going to compromise the personal information of any insurance policyholders. Although, in every case, WikiClaimLeaks will only redact the specific details which are necessary to maintain this privacy. All other information will be published as support for the news story.

WikiClaimLeaks maintains a determining objective to publish and bring to light information to the public.  We will stay true to our mission.

3. How to Submit Your Material to WikiClaimLeaks

If you would like to send a message to us, as opposed to a document submission, please navigate click here.

3.1 Submissions Made Via Secure Upload

Quick, simple and automatically encrypted with the top banking-grade encryption technologies – our method is without a doubt the safest! We do not maintain any records as to what area you uploaded from, your time zone, your internet browser or even what time your submission was made.

If you’re going to offer for submission a Microsoft word file (".doc") that you have edited at some stage, please try to send a PDF document (".pdf") instead, as Word documents might include your name or the name of your computer that you utilize.  If you do not have the ability to produce a PDF file then your document will be converted by WikiClaimLeaks staff.

Click here to upload file

3.2 Submissions via our discreet postal network

Documents sent to our postal network will give an extremely strong form of anonymity and are an excellent choice for bulk truth-telling.


  • First place your document submission onto a CD, DVD or a USB Flash Drive.  If you are submitting actual paper documents then our staff will happily scan them
  • Post your information to our high security truth facilitator listed below

WikiClaimLeaks truth facilitators will then upload the document submission using a fast internet connection.  

You are free to use whatever return address you prefer, but make sure you have written the destination correctly as postal workers will obviously be unable to return the documents to you.

Once your package has been received and the contents removed our facilitators will then destroy the packaging you used.

3.3 High risk postal submissions

If your document submission is of an extremely risky nature then you might wish to do the mailing at a location other than your local post office that will have no witnesses or video monitoring.

3.4 Postal Address for WikiClaimLeaks

Please mail all document submissions attention to: "WCL"  - as anything with the words Wiki and Leak in it is currently being scrutinized.

PO Box 802054
Houston, Texas 77280


P.O. Box 678101
Orlando, Florida 32867-8101





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